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October 30, 2010
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Tall Ship in Fog, Minecraft by JellyfishGreen Tall Ship in Fog, Minecraft by JellyfishGreen
My pirate ship "Pieces of 8-Bit" aground in a sandbar outside my main fortress in Minecraft, with some draw-distance fog for atmosphere. She's a two-master with white wool sails and a captain's cabin. The crows' nest is about level with the top of the cliff.

Minecraft from copyright Notch
Autumn Painterly Pack textures from
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Will you make a Fleet...of Fog?
(kudos to the guys that understand the reference)
do ya have a blueprint for this shit? it looks awesome.
Afraid not, but thanks for the compliment. Inner deck is 2 blocks high, so total 4 blocks above the waterline. 7 blocks wide, 24 long, 4 between the masts, and I tore down and rebuilt the sails a couple of times to get them to look better.
(my bad just notices that the word ship is spelled shit on my previouse comment) >.< anyways i would love to get some sort of blueprint for this ship :P would b great for my adventure map X3
ever tried the norsecraft texture pack ? it makes scheep look like voldemort XD
shortsonfire79 May 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks fantastic sir. I have trouble with sails myself, and I think your way looks just fine!
ElderGoddess Nov 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
As a fellow minecrafter and a naval tall ship buff( yeah yeah its a pirate ship, there is no difference) , you honestly in my eyes and my friends (and yes I'm posting for them as well with their blessing) that though it was a nice attempt you failed in these places.

-the bow pulpit is wrong (the front of the ship)
-the sails look honorable and should be furled (rolled up) because if your not under way (moving) they are furled. Because what moron sits in port with their sails unfurled?
-it is disproportionate to its size, width, mast height, and length
-and remove the torches of the sides and bow it just looks stupid, they had lamps and yes I know in minecraft you have none, but no one in their right mind would put even a lamp on the bow.
-the flag by the way goes in the stern off the aft mast running line off the captain cabin
-oh the captains cabin, it sticks out the starboard and larboard sides of the ship by at less 5-8 feet (4-6) blocks, and you should be able to see it from where the picture was taken, well we can't see it so its to small

Over all again nice try and not a complete fail, we offer you all the TNT you need to blow that thing up and start anew.
Eh. It floats. Angled bowsprit too jaggy at this scale. Furled sails silly when not in port. I'm happy.
SinfulFox Jan 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Also, umm... ships don't have that many corners? The sides are supposed to be all smooth, but it looks like it was made up of a bunch of blocks!

..... *trollololololol* Just kidding... XD This comment made me lol, I couldn't resist. How dare you, good sir, to not make a completely structurally accurate ship! Should be ashamed... D: But no, in all seriousness, I think this is pretty cool XD I've been wanting to make like a flying ship or something in one of my worlds.
Someone had a nice big bowl of no-lifer crispies this morning.

It's a game, it's Minecraft, you may also want to point out that the creepers don't exist and that you should be able to drink the milk you get from cows too?


Nice ship, by the way :)
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